Our team of environmental consultants has varied expertise and experience in northern and central Australian environments.  We place a high value on employing local people who know the place, the people and the way things work.  This philosophy has enabled EcOz to grow over the past 25 years, from two people working from home in Alice Springs, to being the largest team of environmental consultants in the Territory.   Our people are qualified, professional and competent working in the often harsh conditions experienced in the remote parts of Australia.

Principal Consultants

Ray Hall – Principal Environmental Consultant


Director & Principal Environmental Consultant

Ray is a Certified Environment Practitioner with EIANZ with over 25 years experience in Northern Australia. He has extensive experience in the NRM field, including pioneering innovative NRM based business development, especially for Indigenous Groups. He has environmental experience in the resources industry including baseline environmental investigations (soil, water and vegetation work, aquatic ecology and general flora and fauna surveys), as well as ongoing compliance and closure planning. Ray is a member of the NT Natural Resource Management Board.

Jeff Richardson – Ecologist


Principal Environmental Consultant

Jeff is trained as an ecologist and has over 20 years of professional experience in senior science, policy and land and water management positions in state and federal government and consultancy. Jeff has broad science and policy experience and has worked across Australia performing biological surveys, managing threatened species, regional land management activities including prioritisation, monitoring and reporting, while working with mining companies, NRM groups, NGOs, pastoral groups and government departments.

Kylie Welch- Social Impact Assessment and Approvals

MSSc BSc (Hons)

Managing Consultant - Impact Assessment and Approvals

Kylie is a Certified Environment Practitioner with 18 years’ experience in environmental impact assessment and management in northern Australia. She is experienced at negotiating environment and land-use approvals for a range of different land-uses. Her skills include managing multi-disciplinary project teams, impact and risk assessment (EIA/EIS), environmental policy and compliance, and environmental communications. Kylie has studied a Masters of Social Science and has a keen interest in integration of social impact assessment within EIA.

Tom Reilly – Mining Ecologist

MSSc Bsc (Hons)

Managing Consultant - Ecology

Tom is an ecologist with 15 years’ experience working in northern and Central Australia. He has a broad range of project experience in mining, development, scientific research, and government projects. He also has skills in water and soil quality monitoring, sediment and erosion control plans, and GIS mapping. After working in the Darwin office for 10 years, Tom has moved to Alice Springs to establish a local presence for delivering EcOz central Australian projects.

Simon Fulton- Groundwater Assessment and Modelling

BSc (Hons)

Affiliate Hydrogeologist

Simon is a hydrogeologist working as an independent consultant. He has over 12 years experience working in the groundwater and natural resources management disciplines. His technical fields of speciality include: water resource planning and assessment, water supply development, the design and supervision of field programs, groundwater monitoring and groundwater modelling.

Tim Elder – Erosion and Soil Scientist


Managing Consultant - Water

Tim is an environmental manager with over 23 years’ experience in natural resource management, working both within the public and private sectors (including over 4 years working with oil & gas). He is a Certified Professional in Erosion & Sediment Control (CPESC) with technical skills in soil conservation, river rehabilitation planning, conservation earthworks, management plans, mine rehabilitation, land assessment and acid sulfate soils. He is also experienced in project management, risk assessment, education and training, EMS and auditing.Er

Bruce Ryan -Environmental and Radiation Specialist

Cert Eng (Elec), BSc (Earth Science), Grad Dip (Env Chem), Grad Cert (GW Hyd), MSPERA, MIAH

Managing Consultant - Mining

Bruce is an environmental and radiation specialist with more than 28 years experience working in the mining sector. He has worked for the Commonwealth Government as a research scientist and a mining regulator. He has worked as a consultant in senior safety, health, environmental and radiation management roles in industry, government and on international projects. This included working with the IAEA, international universities and NGO's. He worked for almost six years in senior management roles in operational mine sites in Africa. He has a keen interest in groundwater and isotope studies.

Senior Consultants

David van den Hoek – Botanist and revegetation specialist


Senior Botanical Consultant

David is a botanist who was born and bred in the Northern Territory. He has worked extensively in remote regions, gaining an intimate knowledge of the environment with a strong focus on NT flora. David has specialist experience with botanical survey and mapping, development of mine site revegetation programs and ongoing monitoring, weed and fire management, land suitability and capability assessments, and development of erosion and sediment control plans.

Emma Smith – Water Specialist

BSc (Hons)

Senior Environmental Consultant

Emma is an environmental scientist with over 16 years’ experience developing water quality monitoring programs, water management plans and conducting surveys and assessments in both freshwater and estuarine environments. She also has experience in monitoring of groundwater, stormwater, trade waste and potable (drinking) water. Emma previously worked for the Commonwealth Government research organisation Geoscience Australia conducting research and coordinating fieldwork investigations into the impact of catchment pollutants on estuarine health.

Keith Munson – Spatial and QHSE Specialist


Senior GIS Consultant, Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Systems Manager

Keith has over 10 years’ experience as a spatial scientist working in the natural resource management and consulting fields in northern Australia. He has experience with a wide variety of GIS and remote sensing software, and is working with drones to provide aerial imagery for EcOz projects. Keith has a Cert IV in Occupational Health and Safety, and has written EcOz’s WH&S plan which was certified to AS/NZ 4801 Standard in 2014. He has also guided EcOz through re-certification of our ISO 9001 Quality Plan.

Glen Ewers -Ornithologist and Natural Resource Manager


Senior Environmental Consultant

Glen is an Environmental Scientist who has worked around Australia in a range of capacities relating to NRM, and especially ornithology. His passion is birds, but the depth and diversity of his professional experiences gives him a range of consultancy skills. Glen has worked for BirdLife Australia as a shorebird project officer, on King Island as a threatened species project officer, and as an environment consultant in Alice Springs. He is an experienced project manager, having delivered several significant components of several large EIS projects .

Helen Dwyer – Water Specialist

BEnvMan (Hons)

Senior Environmental Consultant

Helen is an environmental scientist with 8 years’ experience working predominantly in remote parts of the Northern Territory. She has worked in environmental advisory positions in the mining industry and variety of projects including development and implementation of surface water and groundwater monitoring programs, Mine Management Plans, Waste Discharge License applications, environmental assessment and approvals documentation, Land Capability Assessments, and environmental audits.

Felicity Watt – Remote Sensing and GIS Specialist

Bsc (Hons)

Senior Environmental Consultant

Felicity is a spatial and environmental professional with over 15 years experience working across Northern Australia in a range of capacities relating to fire and natural resource management. She is proficient in a range of GIS and Remote Sensing systems, and has experience managing large spatial datasets. She has worked extensively with fire managers, and has co-authored a technical guide to using spatial information for fire management.

Corinne Hutchinson – Water Specialist


Senior Environmental Consultant

Corinne is an environmental scientist with over 9 years’ experience working in the Northern Territory, Victoria and overseas. She is experienced in developing and implementing environmental monitoring programs and management plans for the mining, oil and gas and infrastructure sectors, and is knowledgeable in the regulatory framework and compliance requirements of operations in the NT under both NT and Commonwealth Government legislation. She has specialist knowledge in surface and groundwater quality monitoring and soil contamination assessments.

Emma Lewis

Environmental Consultants

Narelle Walkom – Environmental plans, assessments and approvals


Environmental Consultant

Narelle is an environmental scientist with over eight years’ experience in both NSW and the NT. She has experience in environmental approvals, construction and operation environmental management plans, land capability assessments, property development plans, erosion and sediment control plans, land clearing assessments, water quality monitoring and contamination assessments.

Nicole Clark – flora fauna and water quality


Environmental Consultant

Nicole is an environmental scientist who was born and grew up in the NT, before moving away to study Conservation and Wildlife Biology in Perth. She has 3 years’ experience working in northern Australia undertaking flora and fauna surveys, water quality monitoring (both surface water and ground water), soil sampling and vegetation (rehabilitation) monitoring projects. Nicole’s key area of interest is botany and she continues to develop her skills in this area under the supervision of EcOz’s Senior Botanist.

Andrew Lewis – Field Technical Expert


Environmental Consultant

Andy is an environmental scientist who grew up in Darwin before moving to Adelaide to study Marine Biology at Flinders University. Since completing his studies, he as worked in the mining construction industry and a variety of other projects across urban, rural and remote areas of the Territory. His project experience includes contaminated land assessments, surface and groundwater monitoring programs, mine management plans and fauna surveys.

Jack Dymalla – Field Technician


Environmental Consultant

Jack is an Environmental Scientist graduating from University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Marine Biology. He has excellent practical and bush skills and has worked on a variety of projects across urban, rural and remote areas of the Territory. Some of these projects include contaminated land assessments, surface and groundwater monitoring programs, mine management plans and fauna surveys. Areas of specialty include groundwater, surface water and leachate quality monitoring, soil, potable water, air, noise and marine sediment testing.

Bill Dwyer


Environmental Consultants

Clare Millen

Ella Mason


Lyndall Ryan – Office Administrator


Lyndall has 25 years’ experience in office administration in various industries. She plays an integral role in day to day running of the EcOz office, financial administration, payroll and invoicing. Lyndall is currently studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science.